It has long been a tradition that the top tier of a wedding cake is kept for the first child’s christening. However traditions change as fewer couples marry before deciding to have children - or if the children arrive some years after the wedding. These days most parents prefer a brand new cake for the christening, designed with the child in mind.

Chic Unique Cakes has vast experience in baking and designing bespoke christening cakes from religious christening cakes to designer christening cakes with cute teddies and name blocks – each in your choice of size, design and flavour. Whatever you go for we guarantee that your christening cake will be the focal point on the day.

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Some accounts say that during the 19th century, it was the custom to serve a christening cake following the birth of the first child. The idea of preserving the top tier of the wedding cake for the christening cake apparently grew out of this practice. It was a practical tradition that assumed the birth of the first child would not be long after the wedding. Gradually, though, the gap of time between the wedding and the birth of the firstborn widened making keeping part of the wedding cake impractical.